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Thanks for sharing with us, I enjoyed checking your blog every day. Hope all turns out well for you and your family. Take care!


Please know you will be missed. I hope everything works out for you and your family.


Oops!! I hit "post" too soon. The "Oh yes" for for the cake :-)

I will sorely miss you!!!


Will miss you. Hope you can come back soon :(

Chocolate Chipped

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your well wishes :-) I will miss you too!


I'm sorry that you'll be absent for awhile. You will be missed. Chocolate chipped is one of the few things I check up on every single day.
I hope your Mom starts to feel better soon.
Have a wonderful Holiday season and I look forward to when you're able to come back!


You'll be missed but this time of year is just so darned hectic, all your devoted readers understand.

I'm sending thoughts of good health to your mom. I hope she's feeling better very soon.


Just checking in to how you are doing. I come by every day.


Please start again .
i miss chocolate chipped


come back! please!


Dear Chocolate Chipped,
It's been forever...I miss this blog and the chocolate...Any chance it will be started again or turned over to someone else? Hope all is well with you...

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